Procurement and Distribution Specialist 

X-P&D, Inc stands tall as a world distribution company, spanning across continents and connecting businesses around the globe. It continues to embrace innovation, adapt to changing market dynamics, and uphold its values of customer-centricity, reliability, and efficiency. 

"Seamless Solutions, Global Delivery" 

"Speed. Reliability. Distribution." 


X-P&D has Agreements with more than 100 established strategic partnerships with oil and gas key equipment manufacturers and service providers within the industry. X-P&D also has over 50 strategic partnerships with steel mils and steel service providers. 

Our services 

   Our expertise in International Procurement offers the tools, know-how, and systems to access the world markets directly to purchase any            type of goods and services, primarily with original equipment manufacturers.

   Being established in Houston allows us to be an important facilitator providing comprehensive management solutions for the supply chain of      goods and services, which results in benefits for our main shareholder and suppliers.

   Advantages of X-P&D services:

Ensure the most favorable commercial conditions achieved through aggregated demand and direct relationship with manufacturers and service providers avoiding intermediaries.

Long-term strategic alliances between the X-P&D and suppliers.

Generate value through the optimization of procurement processes, reducing time of the hiring process.

Reduction of time and cost in inspection, transportation, insurance and customs procedures.

Predefined terms and conditions to avoid repetitive negotiations.

Effective and optimized acquisition through pre-negotiated procurement instruments (Framework Agreements and Referential Agreements) that reduces repetitive trading with the different X-P&D entities.

   The integration of the following services adds value to all our procurement operations:


International Tenders

Procurement Legal Instruments – Framework Agreements

Procurement Legal Instruments – Referential Agreements

Logistics and Custom

Expediting and Inspection

X-P&D Procurement provides purchasing services to X-P&D and its Productive Subsidiary Companies, following ISO-9001 certified quality procedures that comply with X-P&D applicable regulations and international commercial practices.  X-P&D is committed to maintain strategic partnerships with suppliers, who offer quality goods and services, innovative business solutions and competitive pricing throughout the following services:

Market Research and Analysis

International Open Tenders

Contract Negotiations

Framework Agreements

With our world-class distribution network, operational excellence and supply chain expertise, we can design a streamlined fulfillment solution that expands your selling options, improves your customer service and saves you time so you can focus on building your business. 

X-P&D is an industry leader in equipment services, offering the expertise and application knowledge necessary to maximize the safety, efficiency, and reliability of facility equipment. We accomplish this by providing specialized service solutions enhanced by advanced technology and techniques performed by our highly trained and certified personnel.